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A Common Constraint All Businesses Face.

We live in an age of disruption where businesses are required to invest and adapt to new products, services and processes on an almost-daily basis.

But no matter how fast things change, one central business requirement remains the same: the need for cash flow.

At a consumer level, these divergent needs have seen the rapid and widespread adoption of 'Buy now, pay later' services like Zip and AfterPay.

However, when it comes to business, ‘Buy now, pay later’ is yet to gain traction as a way of overcoming the funding constraints that every business faces from time-to-time, no matter how well planned and run.

One such cause of cash flow pressure is the un-budgeted cost of recruiting new staff. Depending on the impact of your cash reserves and the way your business hires new staff the impact of this can range from moderate to severe.

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Insourced Recruitment

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  • Advertised through online job boards
  • Employer receives applications directly
  • Employer interviews & shortlists applicants
  • Employer conducts reference checks & appoints

Outsourced Recruitment

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  • Recruitment Agency advertises position
  • Recruitment Agency screens and short-lists applicants
  • Employer interviews short-listed applicants
  • Recruitment Agency conducts reference checks & negotiates terms of appointment

Blended - a Hybrid of Both

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  • Some positions filled using insourced approach
  • Other positions filled using outsourced approach
  • Typically the outsourced option is used for more senior or mission critical positions – where a combination of advertising and direct contact to a wide database are required to secure the best candidates
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Layer 2

Permanent Hire

  • Cost and cash flow impact of professional recruitment fees
  • Hidden cost of DIY recruitment using job boards
  • Burgeoning on-costs
  • Balance sheet impact
  • Complexity and cost of dismissing underperforming staff
Layer -14


  • Overcoming price resistance to higher priced quality services
  • Making short term labour-intensive projects affordable

Who is being hit the hardest by these pain points?

Whilst every industry is affected by the key hiring challenges detailed above, they are particularly evident in industries where rapid change and skill-shortages fuel competition for experts with high-demand skill sets, and where businesses that are growing rapidly need to recruit high paid resources that they cannot afford.

How to avoid "bad hire" costs?

"Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king."

A Better Way to Fund Recruitment

Driven largely by a desire to avoid the cash flow impact of the fees charged by professional recruitment agencies, over the course of the last 10 years, SEEK and other online job boards have become the favoured method of recruitment for most Australian SMEs.

Whilst many of these companies still use professional recruitment firms to help them find and recruit senior staff (reporting directly to the CEO), they use online job boards to fill most other positions. And many are paying a high price in terms of higher staff turnover, lower staff retention rates and an increasing incidence of bad hires.

Whilst some business owners and leaders are happy to accept this as the price you pay for saving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in recruitment fees, others are starting to question the wisdom of taking a penny-wise / pound-foolish approach to improving the most valuable asset in their business. Their people..

To investigate the true cost benefit of in-house recruitment we built a financial model that compares the true cost of inhouse recruitment and compares this to paying a typical recruitment agency fee of 15%.

In the example below, we apply this model to the recruitment of a senior salesperson on an $80,000 package.

The results might surprise …

The expense  details In-house cost Recruitment agency fee (15%)
Total costings $14,178.18 $13,209.38
Probability of a Bad Hire 40% 20%
6 Month Replacement Guarantee No Yes


View full cost analysis

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The easiest 'Pay Later' solutions for every part of the hiring process.

Why BizPay?

An extended and bespoke finance solution for the recruitment industry and not a micro financing POS solution

The Real Power of Solution Selling


BizPay is a technology platform that solves cash flow issues associated with the hiring process. Our innovative financial products make BizPay the easiest way to grow your business.

Our frictionless, transparent & affordable solutions enable:

  • Organisations to recruit their ideal talent through outstanding recruitment firms.
  • Professional recruiters and labour-hire companies to grow their businesses without being constrained by cash flow.

In the current business environment, the cash flow burden of paying professional recruitment fees is causing many businesses to try ‘’going it alone’’.

For the employer, the result is often a significant amount of wasted time, effort and some very substantial hidden costs associated with bad or sub-optimal hires. Whilst recruiters are forced to offer discounts to entice companies to engage their services. It’s a lose-lose situation for both parties.

BizPay was founded to help businesses hire better people by enabling them to use professional recruiters and pay their invoices in 6 easy monthly instalments (BizPay pay recruiters in full within 24 hours).


View full cost analysis


BizPay for Employers

Helping you hire better people by:

  • Making any professional recruiter or consultant of your choice more affordable
  • Splitting the recruiter's invoice into 4 easy monthly instalments (including a small fee of 1% per month)

Better results

Professional recruiters know how to find and attract the best people for your business and are proven to reduce the likelihood of a “bad hire” by over 50%.


Reduces cash flow impact by allowing you to pay your recruitment fees in 3 or 6 easy monthly instalments.


Fast approval. No financial information required.

Save time and hassle

Of advertising, short-listing, interviewing, reference checking, aptitude testing and hiring new employees. Leaving you free to do what you do best … growing your business.

HirePay for Employers

BizPay for Recruiters

Receive 100% funding of your invoices within 24 hours. No fees apply.

Attract new clients

Who might otherwise be deterred by the cash flow impact of paying their recruitment fee in 7 days.

Increase new market penetration

Encourage existing clients to use your services more often.

Eliminate haggling

By reducing the focus on price and payment terms.

Simplify credit controls

Collections are entirely BizPay's responsibility with no recourse on you.

BizPay for Recruiters

Easy 5-Step Process


Fill out the registration form in 2 minutes

Select plan

Preview the instalment amounts when paying an invoice over 3 or 6 months and choose the plan you prefer.

Sign contract

Sign the BizPay contract online and submit your recruiter's invoice, which will be paid in full within 24 hours.

Set up Direct Debit

Nominate an account for direct debit

Automatic monthly repayments

Pay your recruiter's invoice in 3 or 6 easy monthly instalments*


Switch to BizPay to fund your next recruitment

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To unlock business growth potential by improving the quality of the people engaged. Better people ... Better results!

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To provide innovative funding tools that make it easier and more affordable for businesses to recruit the best available staff, consultants and contractors.

What Our Clients Say

“BizPay has been nothing but amazing. Lisa, our superstar account manager, has been so helpful and quick to respond! They really are on your team! David, the CEO, has been nothing but extremely helpful and understanding during these tough times. They genuinely want to help you out and do everything in their power to do so! Highly recommended and will ALWAYS be my first go-to for quick funding.”

William Du Co-founder, Short Story

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“We were recently introduced to BizPay and offered their instalment payment option to a small number of clients as a test. It proved to be quick, simple and popular with our clients, so we quickly rolled it out and now offer BizPay on all our invoices to all our clients. They also eliminated the problem of collections from a difficult client for us. I’ve recommended other agencies to BizPay and don’t see why anyone wouldn’t offer it to clients- lots of benefits and no downside."

Adam Weraksa MD, W Talent

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What if the employee resigns or underperforms within 6 months?

BizPay does not invalidate the contractual agreement between the recruiter and the employer, replacement guarantees will be administered on a case by case basis.

Do I have to spread the payments over 3 months?

You can choose to spread the payments over 3 or 6 months to suit your cashflow requirements

Is it a complicated application process?

Just fill up a simple online application form and receive approval in seconds.

How much does it cost?

Each monthly instalment is inclusive of a small BizPay fee charged to the Employer. Fees are calculated on a case-by-case basis and can be as low as 0.65-1.3% of the candidate’s salary spread across the monthly instalments.

Who is liable in the event of a non-payment?

In the event of a non-payment, BizPay collects from the Employer.

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